Virtual CFO Service

Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO stands for virtual chief financial officer. A virtual CFO is an outsourced service provider offering high skill assistance in financial requirements of an organization, just like a chief financial officer does for large organizations. A virtual CFO may be a single person or an entity.

It's the equivalent of hiring a financial director on the side. Virtual CFOs are especially advantageous for small organizations that may not have the financial resources to engage a full-time CFO but would benefit from having an experienced financial professional in charge of their finance department.

A Virtual CFO takes accountability for finance function & prepares the organization for the achievement of business vision. We follow Build Operate Train and Transfer model so that you can “play & plug” high quality finance talent from day one.

Insightful & Consistent MIS Dashboards

Business & Financial

MIS is used both for keeping track and decision making. Our virtual CFOs undertake a detailed review of each critical financial and operational parameter, create the much-needed linkage with Key Business Drivers to set-up and design visually intelligent dashboards, and share insightful finance reports for internal and external reporting purposes. We also put together an SOP to ensure a consistent process to prepare reliable reports every-time.

Top & Bottomline Improvement

Take a pilot seat with full awareness of every key driver of business.

Topline can be improved by analyzing various drivers like price movements, competitive positioning, segmental performances, customer-wise profitability, etc. Bottomline drivers are costs that take various shape and size, understand the impact of inflation on costs and prices, and often least analyzed areas of interest, tax, and depreciation. A thorough analysis of each of the metrics above prepares the organization and firmly puts them in the driver’s seat with full awareness.

Cashflow Management

Maximize Free Cashflow and Increase Velocity

Uninterrupted and high-velocity Cashflow management is a critical focus area for efficient business operations and to eliminate nasty surprises. Smart management of receivables and payables brings in an element of predictability. Predictability arms your business with the ability to find ways to manage better cashflow, resulting in smooth and uninterrupted operations. Our outsourced CFO solutions dive deep into your processes, analyze assets and liabilities, reduce liquidity issues, enforce credit risk management, and ensure the best operational practices.

Accounting Policies Procedures

Control with Care

In the business world, robust accounting policies and procedures remain one of the most crucial requirements for a reliable internal control system. We help our clients formulate & implement finance & accounting policies, procedures that improve internal controls, and improvement in the company’s general management.

Internal Controls

Smooth Operations

Our CFO experts work closely with your business in customizing various controls based on the size and stage of your company, with adequate & critical control systems and policies. Ensuring the integrity and reliability of your company’s financial and accounting information is intact. We ensure that the risk management framework is active across the organization. Our virtual CFO services help organizations to have in place internal control processes within a framework that drives better performance.

Investor Relationship & Reporting

Reliable and Timely Reports

Reliable and timely reports help your investors stay informed about your business’s performance and manage their expectations. Our part-time CFOs execute a detailed analysis of your company’s operations and financial statements to current and potential shareholders and provide up-to-date information as part of the best standards of corporate governance.


Stay Ahead and Stay Informed

Compliance is an ‘absolute must’ for every type of business, regardless of its size or purpose. Companies need to be extra cautious towards the compliance of taxation and corporate affairs related compliances which is evolving by the day. Our virtual CFO team has a capital of expertise and skills in the financial regulatory and legislative circumstances providing the right advice and guidance on different compliance requirements.

Implementation of ERP

Manage Resources Better

Implementation of Enterprise Resource planning systems increase productivity and improve efficiency. We specialize in evaluating and implementing the perfect ERP systems that integrates data and processes across your businesses, multiple departments, and locations. Leading your company to move products faster, process orders quicker, invoice customers more rapidly, and reconcile consignments sooner.

Periodic Review Meetings

Drive Action

We help conduct periodic review meetings with your senior management team to go through the MIS and other progress reports and drive action.


OnlineFilings are engaged in offering our clients Virtual CFO services. Assisted by a team of professionals of OnlineFilings, we render these services that enhance the performance of an organization. Our professionals help our clients to reduce financial risk and make their business more lucrative.