Trademark Objection

After filing an application for trademark registration, you get Trademark receipt which specifies one number
known as Trademark application number, which is used to track your trademark application various stages, the
trademark officials specifically trademark examiners, analyse the application which is comprised of basically
two types of examinations one is formal examination and other one is substantive examination, generally formal
examination is related to basic checking of the Trademark application filed which is once cleared is marked as
Formality check pass, after this stage, the trademark filed is marked for examination and if the trademark
status shows as objected it is said to be substantially examined , this substantial examination is also known
as Trademark objection or Examination report where your applied mark is duly searched by the Trademark examiner
which may comprise of similarity search and also legal examination of your Trademark application in view of
section 9. After conducting their search they write down their opinions about the mark, mainly point out the
reasons why the applied mark shall not be registered. All these objections along with relevant trademark
provisions are stated in Trademark Examination Report.