GMP Certificate

GMP Certification

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, & the term is used globally for managing the control and management of manufacturing, testing and overall quality of pharmaceutical products. It defines certain guidelines that talks about the quality assurance approach. GMP certification ensures that products are produced following the quality standard norms.

Joint Commissioner is authorized by Commissioner, Food & Drug Administration, to sign & issue the certificates under the WHO-GMP certification scheme. GMP certification deals with issues like documentation, record keeping, personnel qualifications, sanitation, cleanliness, equipment verification, sanitation, complaint handling, and process validation.

Benefits of GMP Certification

♦ Empower certification holders to opt great creation,

♦ Timely identify of manufactures and the management issues,

♦ Compliance with important laws and guidelines,

♦ Improve overall credibility and public image,

♦ Reduce safety risk in product quality and safety,


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